2 comments on “Widespread Panic – 07/15/1987 – Greenville, NC

  1. My 3rd show. After a small crowd back from their first NC show here back in May, the boys came back with the trailer this time full of equipment and packed the stage and the house with music and people. I remember much and have forgotten few things about that night, After the show everyone went to Sue's house and JB manned the recording as he was making copies of the show as fast as he could. People ran home and got their decks and the living room was full of people making copies. I sat on the couch and drank beer with M
    Mikey most of the night. DAS was in the kitchen and Todd was in the back bedroom where another packed room was having another party. Finally JB said " Ok that's it for now. Be sure to make copies for all your friends". So, this show was recorded by the band and distributed directly to us, and it survives to this day as one of the best and highest quality show copies from the 1980's. – Smokey

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