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Widespread Panic
New Deli
Greenville, N.C.

One Set

01. Fire On The Mountain
02. Ophelia
03. Feelin’ Alright
04. Space Wrangler>
05. Chilly Water
06. Genesis
01. Me & My Uncle>
02. Travelin’ Light
03. Pigeons
04. Cream Puff War>
05. Warewolves Of London


06. Down On The Farm
07. Last Straw>
08. Stop-N-Go>
09. China Cat Sunflower/

“How you doin’ out there, could you possibly be feelin alright, hope I don’t break a string on this one.” -DAS

“Here’s a cowboy tune, then a ranch tune, here’s our duo of cowboy hat tunes.” -JB

“It’s like a shot in the arm when we come back”
“ribbitt, shut up – ribbitt, shut up”

Tracked, Converted, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker
Source: sbd cassette-xlII


Widespread Panic
July 15, 1987
New Deli
Greenville, NC

set I
And It Stoned Me
Let’s Get The Show On The Road
Space Wrangler ~>
No Sugar Tonight
Stop-Go ~>
New Speedway Boogie
Me And My Uncle ~>
Travelin’ Light
Feelin’ Alright
Chilly Water

set II
Porch Song ~>
China Cat Sunflower ~>
Tie Your Shoes ~>
The Other One
Barstools and Dreamers (cut/flip on cassette master; no fade applied)
Do What You Like ~>
Walk On ~>
Ophelia ~>
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

The first track is a lil‘ rough, balance & levels fluctuate through the middle of the second track (levels very strong on master, slight overmodulation the first 3 minutes; mix dialed in better by 5 minutes in…)

sbd DATs provided by Steve Behan (RIP), transferred by Kevin Preuss (July 12, 2009)

SBD => cassette master > DAT x DAT => Tascam CD-RW4U

[First ‘Arleen’]

Photo by Davin Jackson


Widespread Panic
New Deli
Greenville, NC

Set I: She Caught The Katy, Pigeons, Another Man Done Gone > Travelin’ Light, Don’t Be Denied, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Space Wrangler, Bird Song, Conrad, Let’s Get The Show On The Road, China Cat Sunflower > C. Brown, Walk On > Turn On Your Love Light

Set II
01. /Mr. Soul >
02. Sugaree/
Machine, Contentment Blues > Cryptical Envelopment 
03. /Drums >
04. Jam >
05. Astronomy Domine Jam >
06. The Other One >
07. Cryptical Envelopment
08. Genesis >
09. Stop-Go
10. Heaven >
11. /Cream Puff War
12. Long May You Live

-Missing 1st Set
-Missing: Machine, Contentment Blues > Cryptical Envelopment

-‘Mr. Soul’ fades in
-‘crowd’ fades out after ‘Sugaree’
-‘Drums’ fades in
-‘Cream Puff War’ fades out
-‘Long May You Live’ fades in

Source: SBD > Cassette > DAT @ 48.0khz
Transfered, Edited, & Seeded by D.P. Swint