10 comments on “Widespread Panic – 04/26/2002 – Pelham, AL

  1. Damn what freak'n FANTASTIC FUN I had on this run!!!! Remember it like it was yesterday!!!!

  2. I'll never forget the surreal feeling after the 3rd show ended when the moon broke through the storm clouds and the crowd started roaring both inside the venue and out in the lot. These three shows and the Bonnaroo shows that year are my all time crown jewels.

  3. I was there all 3 nights . Simply the best Panic 3 day Mikey shows ever !!! I've toured since 1992 and unless you witnessed the thunderstorm Sunday night as Mikey's lingering lead grabbed us from his soul you don't have a clue . Best show hands down of all time .

  4. A beautiful description! I can still remember the rain and lightning Sunday and thinking if i struck by lightning right now it's a good way to go. With my dear friends, too many who are gone now too.

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