4 comments on “Widespread Panic – 04/23/2008 – Savannah, GA

  1. what a day, what a show. D-Pulley, Pookie Sheets, and Marky Mark. Went to Bama for court, went to the braves vs nationals, smoltz got his 3000th strike out. And than us 3 headed down to Savannah for night 2. And we got one of my favorite panic shows EVER! Good times, good people, great memories. Twas very special for all 3 of us…i didn't see that u were right next too me, but with you by my side, I MIGHT get back alive from my next vacation…

  2. this is marky mark, I facejacked u kara, hahahah, oh well, I barely get on tha damn thing any way. but that savannah GA show, 4-23-08 will always be a special one too me.

  3. It's rare that WSMFP plays my favorite song ever, "(Can't Walk You Out In The) Morning Dew". Either JB has chosen to change up the verses and some of the lyrics, or he just fucks up an ufamiliar song, IDK, but every time I hear or see it live, he messes it up. Same here, verse 4 before verse 3? Greatest voice in Rock 'n' Roll fucks up like the rest of us, can't love him more. JB, keep the dream alive! First ever WSP weekend was a Red Rocks three nighter in '07, Jimmy's first Red Rocks with WSMFP also. JB bothched it also or didn't tell me he was changing it. Regardless, greatest fucking band ever!!!

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