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Widespread Panic
Wheeler Opera House,
Aspen, CO

Set 1: And It Stoned Me, Little Kin, Travelin’ Light, Pilgrims > Solace, Help Me Somebody, The Last Straw, Holden Oversoul, Vacation, Pleas, Conrad

Set 2: Tall Boy, Disco > Diner > Just Kissed My Baby, Blackout Blues, Proving Ground > Big Woolly Mammoth > Proving Ground, Love Tractor, Chainsaw City*, Porch Song*

Encore: Can’t Find My Way Home

* with Jerry Joseph (Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons)

[First ‘Solace’; ‘And It Stoned Me’ JB and Mike; ‘Night People’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; ‘Tall Boy’ JoJo solo; Slow ‘Porch Song’; Sit & Ski Tour]

Source: DSBD

Thanks to Steve Bohannon for getting all these together.. Seeded by Alan Schwartz.

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Widespread Panic
Wheeler Opera House,
Aspen, CO

Disc 1: Let’s Get The Show On The Road > Hatfield, Send Your Mind, Radio Child, Mercy > Jam > Weight Of The World, Ain’t Life Grand, Can’t Get High, Postcard, Space Wrangler

Disc 2: Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand, Walk On, Rebirtha > B of D > Makes Sense To Me, Gradle,
Disc3: Airplane > C. Brown, Climb To Safety*, Chilly Water*,

E: Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

* with Jerry Joseph (Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons)

[First ‘Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand’; ‘Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand’ JoJo solo; Sit & Ski Tour]

Source: DSBD>DAT>Standalone>EAC

Thanks again to Steve Bohannon for the hookup.. Small DO in Wooly.. Seeded by Alan Schwartz.

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