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Widespread Panic
Fairmount Hotel,
Dallas, TX

0: Travelin’ Light, Love Tractor, Stop-Go, Holden Oversoul, Space Wrangler, Feelin’ Alright, C. Brown, Porch Song, Proving Ground, Coconut

[Phi Delta Theta fraternity party]

Widespread Panic
Phi Delta Theta House
University Of The South
Sewanee, TN.

One Set/Disc One:
01. Jam
02. She Caught The Katy

03. Sleepy Monkey>
04. Stop-N-Go
05. Last Straw
06. Coconuts
07. A Of D>
08. Travelin’ Light>
09. Machine Disc

01. Space Wrangler>
02. Porch Song
03. Conrad~> Beer/Bathroom Break~>
04. Impossible
05. Pigeons
15. B Of D>
16. C. Brown/cut

Transfered, Converted, Tracked, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker

First time I really got time to hang out with the boys. You can hear somebody during soundcheck say “hey not ’till 3 o’clock the kids are still in class”.