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Widespread Panic
The Fillmore
Silver Spring, MD

1: This Part Of Town > Worry, Fishing, St. Louis > Clinic Cynic > Wondering, Free Somehow, Genesis > Holden Oversoul

2: From The Cradle, Can’t Get High, Gimme, Degenerate > Pilgrims > Travelin’ Man > Saint Ex > Jam > Driving Song > Jam > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > City of Dreams

E: None of Us Are Free, May Your Glass Be Filled, Walkin’ (For Your Love)

[Wood Tour; Last ‘Fishing’ – 11/29/08, 215 shows; Last ‘Free Somehow’ – 10/28/08, 225 shows]

Taped by Crossthreaded

Widespread Panic
The Fillmore,
Silver Spring, MD

Ain’t Life Grand, Blue Indian, Coach > Ride Me High > C. Brown, Old Joe > Party At Your Mama’s House > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Jack, Makes Sense To Me

Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Shut Up And Drive, Tickle the Truth, True To My Nature, Space Wrangler, Don’t Be Denied, Airplane > The Ballad of John and Yoko, Mercy, Imitation Leather Shoes

E: Trouble, Are You Ready For The Country?, Climb To Safety

[Only ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’; Wood Tour]

Neumann USM69i Hyper pointed at stacks, 11′ high, 40′ back, Right side of SBD

Taped by DrFOB

Photos by Andy Tennille