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Widespread Panic
Tau Epsilon Phi House
University Of Georgia
Athens, GA
May 20, 1989

01. Impossible
02. I’m Not Alone//
03. Crowd/Doin’ The Noodle>
04. Sleepy Monkey>
05. Jam>
06. Cream Puff War>
07. Stop-Go>
08. Worry
09. Disco>
10. C. Bro/wn (Cassette Flip)
11. “Fix The Monitors!”
12. Barstools And Dreamers>
13. Machine
14. Proving Ground>
15. Chilly Water


“We’re gonna take a real quick break and we’ll be real right back.” – Dave after Chilly Water

Unknown Cassette > Onkyo TA-R410 > Roland ED UA-30 > Audacity > WAV

Tape supplied by: Sam Holt
Transferred by: Ted Rockwell
Many thanks to Tom Callender for the tape deck!
Tracked & Converted by: BrettR at Dragon’s Lair Studios