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Widespread Panic
The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ

One Set:
1. intro
2. Weight Of The World
3. Space Wrangler ->
4. Walkin’ (For You Love)
5. Fishwater
6. Travelin’ Light
7. Hatfield
8. Makes Sense To Me ->
9. Henry Parsons Died ->
10. Papa’s Home ->
11. Proving Ground ->
12. Jack
13. Heaven
14. The Take Out ->
15. Porch Song
16. Dream Song ->
17. Pigeons ->
18. Love Tractor
19. encore: Me And The Devil Blues ->
20. Chilly Water

Recorded by Scott Bernstein and Bob Mishka
Transferred, mastered (April 2010) and tracked by Scott Bernstein

Taper notes:
BARN26 — this release is my oldest recording that I’ve worked on for the BARN series and may be the oldest DAT with no cassette generation of a show that I personally recorded. This show is from the post-summer 1992 HORDE tour time when I was checking out the bands that I had seen on HORDE tour for the first time (Phish, ARU, WSP) to see what they could do on their own, given time for a full set. So this was my first time seeing Widespread Panic headline their own show (after being blown away by their set at the Merriweather Post HORDE show). I wasn’t quite as blown away by them at this show, though I remember really enjoying “Space Wrangler” (or as my friend Mike Stentz who I attended the show with called it, “The Vibraslap Song”, after the percussion instrument that is prominently featured — google it), “Proving Ground”, “Heaven”, and maybe a few others.

This was actually just a few weeks before I got my first DAT recorder, so I was still taping analog on my Sony D6, BUT luckily for all of us, my friend Bob Mishka had just gotten the same exact DAT recorder I was about to buy myself and patched it out of my cassette deck! And the Sony D6 probably had better mic preamps than the Denon DAT which has pretty poor mic pre-amps, so we get the best of both worlds (though there is an unfortunate brief dropout in “Papa’s Home” for my cassette tape flip 55 minutes into the show as I was using a Sony 110 minute cassette on this night. I was usually pretty good with cassette flips, but the 5 song segue from “Makes Sense To Me” thru “Jack” caught me by surprise….) I was very cautious about the other tape flip after being burned on the first tape flip, flipping after only 33 minutes (before Dream Song) so at least that’s clean.

Other than the cassette flip, for some reason the last few seconds of “Chilly Water” seem to be missing from my DAT. My guess is that Bob was using a 2 hour tape and it just ran out. I’m going to see if I can dig up my cassette to patch it up. Stay tuned….

Sony ECM-959 stereo mic (“narrow” 90 degree pickup pattern) -> Sony WM-D6C (mic pad on) -> (live analog patch, no cassette generation) -> Denon DTR-80P (d1)