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Sam Holt & Friends
Sam Holt’s 50th Freak Show Birthday Jam
Smith’s Olde Bar
Atlanta, GA


01. Unwound
02. Game On >
03. Edgewater
04. Tennessee Before Daylight
05. Stone In My Shoe
06. 90
07. Ain’t Life Grand >
08. Walkin’ >
09. Mr. Soul


01. Happy Birthday Sam!!![by Steve Lopez]
02. Trudy*
03. Straight To Hell*
04. Airplane
05. Happy
06. Midnight Promises
07. B of D
08. Check Me Out(With A Cheeseburger)
09. Gimme >
10. You Got Yours
11. The Waker
12. Can’t Find My Way Home

-Lee Schwartz on Drums 1st 6 tracks [Outformation]
*Tori Pater on Guitar/Vocals & Spanky McClure on Bass

Sam Holt – Guitar/Vocals
Cameron Williams Guitar/Vocals
Betsy Franck – Vocals
Adam Grace – Keyboard/Vocals
Ross Parker – Bass
Duane Trucks – Drums

Source: SBD + Schoeps MK4(ortf) > KC5 > CMC6 > Lunatec V3 + Schoeps MK41(dina) > KC5 > CMC6 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DR-680(24/48)
Location: fob/dfc
Taped, transferred & seeded by Jesse Mc

Widespread Panic
Smith’s Olde Bar,
Atlanta, GA

0: The Take Out > Porch Song, Fishwater, Walkin’ (For Your Love), West Virginia, Ain’t Life Grand, Blackout Blues, Raise The Roof, Space Wrangler, Wondering, Can’t Get High*, Makes Sense To Me*, Henry Parsons Died*, End Of The Show*

E: Airplane, Dream Song

* with Daniel Hutchens on vocals, Eric Carter on guitar

[‘Ain’t Life Grand’ album release party (aired 09/04/94 on 96Rock, Atlanta)]