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Widespread Panic
Pearl Street
Northampton, MA

01. She Caught The Katy >
02. Fishwater
03. Ain’t No Use >
04. C. Brown
05. Wonderin’ >
06. Hatfield
07. Walkin’ (For Your Love) >
08. Little Kin
01. Papa Legba
02. I’m Not Alone >
03. Pleas >
04. Pigeons >
05. Papa’s Home
06. Porch Song

07. crowd
08. Pickin’ Up The Pieces >
09. Chilly Water

[Yep! Opened]

Source: SBD > DA-P20 @ 48.0khz

Transfered, Edited, & Seeded by D.P. Swint

Photo via Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic
Calvin Theater
Northampton MA

Set I

Red Hot Mama
Walkin (For Your Love)>
Love Tractor
Blue Indian>
Sleeping Man
Blackout Blues

Set II

Climb To Safety
Driving Song>
All Time Low>
Little Lilly>
Driving Song>
Breathing Slow>
Four Cornered Room>
Makes Sense To Me
Space Wrangler


Travelin Light

[First ‘Little Lilly’; Instrumental ‘Little Lilly’]

Audience: Front row balcony left side
Source: Set I Sennheiser K6RD/ME64>SBM-1>D8 sampled at 48k
Set II Sennheiser K6RD/ME66>SBM-1>D8 sampled at 48k

Fresh transfer uncirculated source as of 4-19-2014

This was my first and only time seeing these guys. I’d seen several other
shows at The Calvin but nothing that sounded quite like this. There was
enough speakers hanging in this place to run a show at Giants Stadium.
I thought for sure it was going to be too boomy on the tape after the first
set so I switched from cards to short guns at set break. Boy, was I wrong!
If you are a big fan of bass and have nice bassy speakers, it’s a must
have. There’s a few spots, I wont tell you where, that your neighbors might
think there’s an earthquake! Crank it and Enjoy!

Photo via Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic
Pearl Street
Northampton, MA
November 9, 1992

Set I
01. Travelin’ Light
02. Disco >
03. C. Brown
04. Diner >
05. Better Off
06. Walkin’ >
07. Henry Parsons Died >
08. Hatfield
09. Makes Sense To Me

Set II
01. Drums >
02. Guilded Splinters >
03. Fishwater
04. Weight Of The World >
05. Papa Legba
06. Send Your Mind >
07. I’m Not Alone
08. Space Wrangler
09. Papa’s Home >
10. Love Tractor/

[Free show; ‘Weight Of The World’ ended with an a capella reprise by JB]

Notes: ‘Love Tractor’ cuts @ 0:24; Missing Encore

Source: Audience Mics > DAT
Transferred, Edited, & Seeded by D.P. Swint

Widespread Panic
Pearl Street
Northampton, MA
April 3, 1995

Set I

01. She Caught The Katy
02. Heroes
03. Can’t Get High >
04. Ain’t No Use >
05. Sleeping Man
06. Gradle >
07. Machine >
08. Stop-Go >
09. Papa’s Home

Set II

01. Ain’t Life Grand >
02. Rock
03. Blackout
04. Radio Child
05. Pilgrims
06. Burned Faceless
07. Impossible >
08. Low Rider >
09. Drums >
10. Fishwater


01. Let’s Get Down To Business
02. West Virginia
03. The Last Straw
04. Love Tractor*

* with Dirk Stallnecker on percussion

[‘Arleen’ tease by Mike during ‘Papa’s Home’]

Source: SBD
Converted and edited by D.P. Swint
Seeded by Patrick Wood