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Widespread Panic
Walnut Creek Amphitheater,
Raleigh, NC

1: Space Wrangler > Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Little Lilly > Send Your Mind, Happy > Wondering, C. Brown*, Fishwater**, Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Disco > Tall Boy, Give, Party At Your Mama’s House > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues**, Porch Song > Drums > Astronomy Domine Jam > Pleas > Blue Indian*, Climb To Safety

E: Nobody’s Loss*, Papa Legba

* with John Keane on pedal steel
** with John Keane on guitar

[Soundcheck: ‘Puppy Sleeps’ jam (Dave & Mike only), ‘Clinic Cynic’]

2nd row akg 414 TL2 (omni)
Taped by Wes Taf, DAT from JJ Clifton, Transferred by Steve Porcari, Seeded by Jason Grant

Photos by Robbie Dunn



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