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Widespread Panic
Zoo Amphitheater
Apple Valley, MN
July 15, 1994

01. //Fishwater >
02. Pleas >
03. Space Wrangler >
04. Henry Parsons Died
05. Hatfield
06. Ain’t Life Grand
01. Blackout
02. Walkin’
03. Send Your Mind
04. Wonderin’
05. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys*

06. Knocking ‘Round The Zoo

* with Kofi Burbridge on flute

[The Aquarium Rescue Unit opened]

Source: SBD
Converted and edited by D.P. Swint

Widespread Panic
Macon Centerplex,
Macon, GA

1: From the Cradle** > Makes Sense to Me, Better Off*, Happy, Driving Song* > Walkin’ (for Your Love)* > Driving Song* > Proving Ground > Action Man

2: Thought Sausage, Holden Oversoul* > Jack, Little Wing***, Ribs and Whiskey* > Surprise Valley*, Drums**** > Rebirtha > Surprise Valley > Space Wrangler

E: Expiration Day**, Henry Parsons Died

* with John Keane on Guitar
** with John Keane on Pedal Steel
*** with Randall Bramlett on Saxophone, Susan Tedeschi on vocals, Kofi Burbridge on keys, and Yonrico Scott on percussion
**** with Yonrico Scott on percussion

[Little Wing Last Time Played 7/1/89]

Taped, Transferred, & Seeded by D.P. Swint

Photos by goldfly