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Widespread Panic
The Gorge Amphitheater
George, WA

1: Let’s Get Down To Business, Little Kin, Imitation Leather Shoes, Nebulous > Little Lilly, Junior, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues*, Porch Song, Climb To Safety

2: Thought Sausage, Travelin’ Light, None of Us Are Free**, Ribs And Whiskey*, You Should Be Glad, Diner > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Tie Your Shoes > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Chilly Water***

E: Slippin’ Into Darkness****, Space Wrangler

* with Johnny Hickman on harmonica
** with David Lowery on guitar/vocals, Johnny Hickman on harmonica
*** with Frank Funaro on percussion
**** with Johnny Hickman on harmonica, Steve Lopez on percussion

[First ‘None of Us Are Free’; ‘Get Up Stand Up’ jam at the end of ‘Slippin’ Into Darkness’]

Widespread Panic
Cricket Pavilion
Phoenix AZ
October 22, 2001

Set I
1.Happy >
2.Bear’s Gone Fishin’
3.Holden Oversoul >
4.Genesis >
5.Climb To Safety
6.Driving Song >
7.Disco >
8.Driving Song
9.Imitation Leather Shoes

Set II
10.Down >
11.Wondering >
12.Big Wooly Mammoth >
14.Stop Breakin’ Down Blues* >
15.Dyin’ Man* >
16.Drums** >
17.Casa Del Grillo >
18.Travelin’ Light

20.Let’s Get The Show On The Road >
21.Radio Child

* with Johnny Hickman on mandolin/harmonica
** with Jon B. Fishman on percussion

[‘In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed’ and ‘Fixin’ To Die’ teases after ‘Drums’]

Taper: JAZ
Source: ECM-MS908c’s-> SoundPro PreAmp 1/8″-> PCM-M1