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Widespread Panic
Kiefer Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA

1: Papa Legba, Space Wrangler, Blue Indian, Impossible, Pigeons, You’ll Be Fine, Greta, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Conrad

2: Misty Mountain Hop > Chilly Water > Pleas > Chilly Water, Happy Child > Pilgrims, Drums* > I Walk On Guilded Splinters*, Travelin’ Light, Won’t Get Fooled Again

E1: The Wind Cries Mary, Climb To Safety

E2: Dream Song, Porch Song

* with GeeChee on percussion, June on percussion, Unknown members of Wild Magnolias on percussion

[Only ‘Misty Mountain Hop’, First ‘The Wind Cries Mary’, Only ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’; ‘True Stories’ rap by Todd before ‘Papa Legba’; ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ tease by JoJo before ‘Dear Mr. Fantasy’; ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ tease before ‘Drums’; Wild Magnolias opened]