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Widespread Panic
November 16, 1990
Oxford, MS

Set 1: Space Wrangler, Heaven, Porch Song, Rock, Travelin’ Light, And It Stoned Me, Weight Of The World, Smokestack Lightning, Chilly Water, Pigeons > A of D > It Ain’t No Use, C. Brown

Set 2

1) Holden Oversoul
2) Jack
3) Dog Song
4) Papa Legba
5) Walkin’ (for your love)
6) Fishwater

7) crowd
8) Gimme (a Kiss on Tuesday) >
9) Mr. Soul
10) Sleepy Monkey
11) Love Tractor >
12) Last Dance

Cut after Gimme but before Mr. Soul

After Holden
‘That song was called Plato (PlayDoh?) in Paradise, I hope you liked it.’

JB Sings during Gimme
‘Give me a lift here Waker’

Sleepy Monkey features JB singing a different verse
‘I Woke to the noise of bugs and splash a sunrise on my brain
Took a look at the swim saw a fin and jumped in
and I jumped back and scaled out again
I’m going down’

Recording info:
Taped by Sam Holt, Possibly plugged into Hardy Ross’ AKG 522 > Sony D5 Cassette master

Tape supplied by Sam Holt
Transfer by Ted Rockwell

photo 3