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Widespread Panic
Dobson Arena,
Vail, CO

1: Radio Child > Barstools and Dreamers, C. Brown, Heroes > Stop-Go > Blight, Weight Of The World, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Travelin’ Light

2: Hope In A Hopeless World, Pleas, Papa Legba, Porch Song > Disco > Greta > Drums > Pigeons > Happy Child > Blackout Blues

E: Postcard, Sleepy Monkey > And It Stoned Me

[Slow ‘Porch Song’; ‘Porch Song’ > ‘Disco’ appears on ‘Light Fuse Get Away’]


Widespread Panic
Dobson Arena,
Vail, CO

1: Space Wrangler > Tall Boy > Rock, Aunt Avis > Walkin’ (For Your Love), Happy > Wondering, Gimme > Chilly Water

2: Ain’t Life Grand > Mr. Soul, The Last Straw > Arleen > Hatfield > Drums > Ride Me High > Gradle, Makes Sense To Me

E: Maggot Brain > Henry Parsons Died

[‘Maggot Brain’ with spoken word introduction; ‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’ jam during ‘Chilly Water’; ‘Running Away’ rap by JB during ‘Arleen’; Soundcheck: ‘Fishwater’, ‘Glory’; JB joined High Plains Drifter (Bobby Sheehan and friends) at the Hong Kong Cafe for ‘Four Cornered Room’, ‘Low Rider’, and ‘Me And The Devil Blues’ after the show]