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Widespread Panic
06-23-1998 Set II+E
London, UK

~Set II~

1: Porch Song >
2: Sleeping Man
3: Christmas Katie >
4: Radio Child
5: Can’t Get High
6: Weight of the World
7: Ride Me High
8: Papa’s Home >
9: Drums >
10: Papa’s Home
1: Pilgrims
2: Conrad


3: All Time Low
4: Space Wrangler
5: Can’t Find My Way Home

[Slow ‘Porch Song’]

Do not recall why the first set was not recorded that night. As there are no other sources for this show listed in the database, I have not performed any edits other than tracking. Otherwise this is an exact copy of my DAT master. Enjoy!

Source: Neumann KM150 > Oade > DA-P1 > Coax > D8
Taper: Sarah Browne (Patched by Malone Camp)
Transferred by: Malone Camp