33 comments on “Widespread Panic – 12/31/2011 – Charlotte, NC

  1. Charlotte loves you and wants you back guys!! :D My first Panic NYE–what a freakin’ night it was! :)

  2. An amazing show!! I got spoiled when I lived in NC so I need the boys to bring it to CA.

  3. Epic show!!! Idk how they will top that in HOTLANTA but you know they will!! Cant wait to see everyone!! HOMETEAM!!!! All I want is a HEAVEN for my sweet mother that passed!!!

  4. Worst. venue. ever. I was so inspired by what a great time it was … that I didn’t go last year. See you people next week in ATL.

  5. I have to agree with the comment about the venue. And the fact that some one’s seat was smoking from a lit cigarette or something.

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