29 comments on “Widespread Panic – 12/31/1999 – Atlanta, GA

  1. we brought in 2000 with a Bang , what a wonderful world , came outta no where and Dottie blew us all away , fun times

  2. Was there and if the world would’ve ended I couldn’t have been happier with my crew and Widespread Panic

  3. WOW. What an evening! Who didn’t testify in the house that night?? Certainly a show for the ages.. Can’t wait till this year!! WSMFP !!!!!!!!

  4. I drew this lot poster for the shows…. Maybe on someones wall you know. Great end to the century…

  5. My husband ate to much and went for a walk in centennial park and had a talk w/ god, lol. We were just dating then. He stopped at a gas station to get cigarettes and realized he was in my neighborhood in homepark.

  6. Such fun times. I actually just found my shirt I bought from that show the other day. I have never even worn it b/c it got mixed in to a box and then it never got found. Cleaning out the garage yesterday I found it!

  7. one my fav shows :) The boys were on fire that night and what a wonderful world Amazing!!

  8. If you weren’t there I’m truly sorry. When I saw brother Garo before the show he was soul was in another place. O asked how was the sound check? He said he it was one of the most amazing 3hrs he had ever experienced and to be ready to be blown away. I said “Don’t tell me anymore”. Well it was PANIC w/Dottie Peoples and The Peoples Choir – It was a “religious experience” . Having seen many Grateful Dead New Years in CA and ABB New Years  home in MACON,GA – and most of PANIC’s  NYE shows this one may go down as the finest EVER! But with that said- I STILL WANT MORE and hope a better one is on the way and  all THE GOOD PEOPLE are there. PEACE,LOVE,and GARRIE VEREEN !!!!!

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