8 comments on “Widespread Panic – 10/08/1993 – Montgomery, AL

  1. I remember this show cause a friend won ticket on the radio and could not go so I went and they played on a flat bed truck out in a field in the middle of no where AL.

  2. Ha…you got me going through ticket stubs today and had to refresh myself on this one when I came across this one. Remember it being in a field, in the middle of nowhere, shorter than I would have liked but really wish I'd been boogieing with you…love.

  3. I have photos from this night, and from the summer 94 show out there. Sandy Creek is a creek south Montgomery, and if I recall you got there off a right turn a good clip down the 82. Drove down a dirt road, parked, then walked through a tree tunnel on same dirt road into a field. Stage, was a flatbed with a light lean to wooden structure for rain and lights, situated at the far end of the field. i recall finding it when aerials first hit google maps. no luck now. Wasnt there camping at the 93 show, or maybe they just didnt make people leave.

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