10 comments on “Widespread Panic – 10/05/2013 – Charleston, SC

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  2. That was an OUTSTANDING Maggot Brain. I always loved the one I heard with Derek Trucks in Bham when Panic and the Brothers were doing their tour together.

  3. Come on say it. BUT…you enjoyed this one better than that one, even though trucks is the master, THEN when you listened to RHM it sounded so..different..than normal panic, but in a VERY good way, so you finally have to break down and…damn this RHM is freaking dynamic…sorry, anyway, UM is awesome and you know it.
    But whoever said Panic should be opening for them needs to consider two things: momentum, and gravity.
    Marinate on that statement for a bit, and the implications thereof.

  4. definitely i loved that maggot brain with derek trucks this one is equally ridiculous

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