10 comments on “Widespread Panic – 10/02/1994 – Lexington, KY

  1. Small world Mark. I met my wife through a tape trading ad in the Panicle. She was looking for this show, and I had an analog master. We briefly met in the parking lot that day, but didn't recall it until much later. We'll be celebrating #15 here in a couple of weeks.

  2. Raymond D Boswell, can we bring a copy of the show with us to Cherit next weekend?

  3. Richard E Monroe it was one of the benefits of traveling around the southeast with Sam and Grady. I think it came from Supan's D7. Shay Woodard Boswell absolutely, that's assuming that the numnuts in DC have gotten their act together and passed the budget CR.

  4. Lexington was the Sunday show of a Knoxville>Oak Mountain>Nashville>Lexington mini-run. Needless to say, we were spent.

  5. Supans vault – classic. He's coming up here in 2 weeks to see phish in Hampton. Harlan is actually heading up here tomorrow for the weekend. And Sam is getting married next week. Fun times.

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