4 comments on “Widespread Panic – 07/30/2006 – St Louis, MO

  1. Stop hating on George. He stepped in when he was needed. May not have been any WSP without him.

  2. Nick Thomas yeah he steped up to the plate and went down swinging. may not be wsp now if that bus hadn't swung through ole miss on its way to louiville that next day.

  3. George may be the least best OVERALL of the 3, but he pulled us through some tough times as Panic fans. He may have had his own "twangy" style, and not played some songs great, but the studio albums with him were phenomenal! No one will EVER fill Mikey's shoes, but Jimmy is doing a heck of a job bringing his own style, but in a respectful way! R.I.P. Mikey! I was at this show in St. Louis by chance, and did not know at the time it would be George's last show. It was still a great show, even with the weird vibe. Any show with Mr. Keane sitting in is going to be good!!

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