8 comments on “Widespread Panic – 06/05/2013 – Vienna, VA

  1. Never seen so many BMWs and Land Rovers on any lot. Are DC Panic fans all hedge fund managers? First set was kinda tame but the Impossible was a nice foreshadowing for a solid second set. Could have used 10 more decibels out of the PA though. Love my Spread plenty loud.

  2. The beauty of Faceboand really the beauty of Panic. Was in DC for work and saw where someone was trying to get a limo set up. I sent them a note and said im in. So I did my work and went to the show with 7 strangers in a limo. What a blast!:BYOB on lawn! Limo took me to my hotel after. Stayed in touch with two of those folks. So awesome

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