8 comments on “Widespread Panic – 05/19/1995 – Las Vegas, NV

  1. this was a Grateful Dead after show party. While the Dead were good, the real magic in Vegas was brought to us courtesy of the Athens, GA boys!

  2. Remember it vividly. Barbaric intensity. Sold my tix to the rest of Dead tour the next day and followed these guys instead.

  3. Tom Speed The next night second set: 2: Porch Song > Diner > Driving Song > Postcard > Arleen > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Drums > Little Kin, Help Me Somebody > Makes Sense To Me #you'vegot tobe fuckingkiddingme

  4. On of my favorite Panic shows and memories. What a great weekend in Vegas! The Grateful Dead all day and Widespread Panic all night!

  5. This was one of those weekends that became a Magical Musical Marathon. We played Dead all day at the stadium and then as the sun set we would ease back in town and tune up for our MOONTIME Band . Panic came out Balls to the Walls and kicked down all the doors for two way over the top shows . Who could ask for anything better and in SIN CITY – We was HAVIN A GOODTIME.

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