11 comments on “Widespread Panic – 01/28/2012 – Atlanta, GA

  1. Sooo yeh, the crowd went nuts after that Driving Sandwich… so glad to have been part of that crowd! the energy inside the Tabby at that moment was exploding out the windows!

    • I would take Driving every show, every day, for the rest of my life and be ~satisfied~

    • I would take Driving every show, every day, for the rest of my life and be ~satisfied~

  2. That was so much fun. I've never seen a crowd like that after breathing slow. Just raw emotion being thrown at the band after they stepped up and killed it.

  3. Fantastic second set. I've seen so many Panic shows, with many excited crowds but the response (ie, 'crowd goes nuts') after Breathing Slow was truly all time. I will remember it as a send off from the southern fans (and particulalry that rowdy GA crowd). I know they played another great show the following night but at that moment, on a Saturday night in The Tabernacle, with the set obviously nearing its end, a knowledgable and grateful crowd sent the band off and it was moment for the ages. Thanks for the great recording to remember it by and thanks to the boys.

    • That show made it to my top three. When the crowd went crazy I looked down at my arms and they were COVERED with goosebumps. It was singlehandedly the best moment I have ever felt part of at a Panic show……actually, at any show I've ever seen….

    • I was right there with you. I hope Chris enjoyed it as much as we did (I really loved that bluesy second set). Wish we had seen y'all. Let us know if you're ever headed up to Asheville for a show. We just moved into our new house on the Asheville side of Brevard, about 30 minutes away (really close to the entrance to Pisgah).

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