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Widespread Panic
Zoo Amphitheater,
Oklahoma City, OK

1: Ribs And Whiskey, Knocking ‘Round The Zoo, Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Blue Indian, Radio Child > Maggot Brain, Casa Del Grillo, Conrad, Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Are You Ready For The Country?, Papa Johnny Road > Travelin’ Light, B of D > Sleeping Man > Drums > Use Me, Nebulous, Coconut, Greta > None of Us Are Free

E: Down On The Farm, End Of The Show

[‘Estimated Prophet’ tease by Dave before ‘Maggot Brain’; ‘Psycho Killer’ tease and ‘The Other One’ jam after ‘Drums’]

Widespread Panic
Zoo Theater,
Cincinnati, OH

1: Weight Of The World > Better Off > Heroes > Impossible > Stop-Go, Junior > C. Brown, The Last Straw, Knocking ‘Round The Zoo
2: Disco > Tall Boy, Can’t Get High, Radio Child, Sleepy Monkey > Airplane > Jam > Do What You Like > Fishwater > Drums > Fishwater > Pilgrims, Proving Ground
E: Help Me Somebody

[‘Running Away’ rap by JB during ‘Sleepy Monkey’; ‘Highway To Heaven’ and ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ raps by JB during ‘Help Me Somebody’]