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Widespread Panic
Village Hall
Beaver Creek, CO
March 26, 1992

01. Love Tractor
02. Walkin’>
03. Better Off
04. Walk On>
05. Makes Sense To Me
06. Dog Song
07. Travelin’ Light
08. L.A.>
09. Conrad The Caterpillar//
10. /Space Wrangler/ (Fades In)
11. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
12. Diner>
13. Proving Ground
14. Schools Zone>
15. Astronomy Domine Jam>
16. Nobody’s Fault But Mine>
17. Chilly Water// (Just Dave’s first few notes)


– Deck paused/stopped after:
Love Tractor
Makes Sense
Dog Song
Travelin’ Light
Space Wrangler
Low Spark

– 2.5-second signal loss in Dog Song

– It appears that Drums was not recorded, as
the Schools Zone fades in

Tape Provided By: Sam Holt
Transferred By: Ted Rockwell

Unknown audience analog cassette > Onkyo TA-R410 > Roland ED UA-30 > Audacity > WAV
Tracked & Converted by: BrettR at Dragon’s Lair Studios