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Widespread Panic
Van Ripers Music Festival
Charlottesville, VA

1) Chilly Water
2) Machine >
3) Barstools and Dreamers
4) Proving Ground
5) Rock
6) Porch Song

Sbd: Cass

There are some auible level and mix adjustments during Chilly and Machine.


Widespread Panic
October 3rd, 1993
Van Ripers Music Festival
Charlottesville, VA


01 Disco (fades in)>
02 Wondering
03 Driving Song>
04 Pigeons>
05 Driving Song
06 Porch Song
07 Diner>
08 Better Off
09 Pilgrims
10 Love Tractor
11 Low Spark of High Heeled Boys*
12 Fishwater*


13 Ain’t Life Grand>
14 Mr. Soul**

* with Warren Haynes on guitar
** with Danny Louis on piano

[‘Cissy Strut’ tease during ‘Fishwater’; The Freddy Jones Band, The Dave Matthews Band, and The Warren Haynes Band also appeared]

Widespread Panic
Van Ripers Music Festival,
Charlottesville, VA

0: The Last Straw > Diner > Porch Song, Can’t Get High, Gradle > Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Sleepy Monkey > Better Off, Radio Child, Little Kin > West Virginia > Ain’t Life Grand > Junior > Space Wrangler > Low Rider > Drums > Hatfield

E: Love Tractor

[From Good Homes and Everything opened]