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Widespread Panic
Celebrity Theatre,
Phoenix, AZ

1: Space Wrangler, Climb To Safety, Rebirtha > Sleeping Man, Little Lilly > It Ain’t No Use > Little Lilly > Down, Blackout Blues

2: Cross Cut Saw*, She Caught The Katy*, Action Man, Papa Legba, Surprise Valley, Contentment Blues > Drums > Nobody’s Loss, Low Rider > Walkin’ (For Your Love)

E1: Walkin’ reprise > Pusherman, All Time Low

E2: Early In The Morning Blues*

* with Taj Mahal

[Only ‘Early In The Morning Blues’; This may have been the live debut of ‘Early In The Morning Blues’, a Taj Mahal original; ‘Me And The Devil Blues’ rap by JB during ‘Early In The Morning Blues’; Soundcheck: ‘Crosscut Saw’, ‘Early In The Morning Blues’, ‘She Caught The Katy’; Last ‘Cross Cut Saw’ – 12/03/94, 603 shows; Last ‘Walkin’ reprise’ – 10/25/96, 391 shows]