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Widespread Panic
South Main Café
Blacksburg, VA

01. Driving Song >
02. Breathin’ Slow >
03. Little Wing > Jam >
04. She Caught the Katy
05. Last Straw
06. Down On the Farm
07. Holden Oversoul
08. Contentment Blues
09. Let It Rock

10. Do What You Like
11. Mr Soul

A guy from C-ville just sent me a disc of a Panic show I thought I should let folks know about. According to the guy, he was going to Va Tech in 1988 & went to the South Main Cafe in Blacksburg to see the band. He said the 1st set was so good he asked Schools & the sound guy at intermission if he could tape the 2nd set. When they said yes, he went back to his room, grabbed his roommate’s home deck & a set of RCA’s & plugged in for the 2nd set. Unfortunately he can’t remember the date. On the note to me he wrote it was “a Tuesday in March 1988” He guessed 3/22/88.

The setlist is where the rub comes in. The 2nd set (and what’s on the disc)
Driving Song >
Breathin’ Slow >
Little Wing >
She Caught the Katy,
Last Straw,
Down on the
Holden Oversoul,
Let it Rock,
Do What You Like,
Mr. Soul.

Rock was played after Mr. Soul but he left it off the disc b/c of problems with the tape. Everyday Companion lists 03/03/88 The Brewery, Raleigh, NC  as the 1st Holden Oversoul. But in this show, which the guy is sure is after 3/3/88, the band says its the 1st time they have ever played the song so the crowd should feel lucky & then after they finish Schools says “That one doesn’t even have a name yet” and then JB says “that’s how it sounds for now”.

He transferred the analog master thru his computer onto disc & then remastered the disc thru some Behringer processors. The sound is fantastic for what it is. Its extremely warm & rich. I thought the story was kinda cool & it looks like an unknown show for now since no March 88 show is listed on EC for Blacksburg, Va.

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