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Widespread Panic
River Walk Amphitheater
Augusta, GA
July 24, 1994

01. Intro
02. Conrad >
03. Fishwater
04. Send Your Mind
05. Blackout
06. Diner >
07. Space Wrangler >
08. Rock
09. Airplane >
10. Junior
11. Proving Ground
01. Driving Song >
02. Disco >
03. Driving Song >
04. Pleas
05. Can’t Get High
06. Maggot Brain >
07. Chilly Water

08. Get Up Early In The Morning >
09. Ain’t Life Grand

[Uncle Mingo, In Like Flynn, and Col. Bruce Hampton & the Fiji Mariners opened]

Source: SBD > DAT @ 48.0khz
Converted and edited by D.P. Swint
Seeded by Patrick Wood

Widespread Panic
River Walk Amphitheater,
Augusta, GA

0: Disco, Diner, Space Wrangler, Junior, Chilly Water, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Walk On, Makes Sense To Me, C. Brown, Worry, Little Kin, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Hatfield, Love Tractor

E: Dream Song, Porch Song, Bowlegged Woman

[‘Iron Man’ tease by Dave after ‘Chilly Water’; In Like Flynn, White Buffalo and The Other People opened]