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Widespread Panic
The Ritz
Charlotte, NC

Set II
01. Can’t Help Falling In Love* >
02. Chilly Water
03. Hatfield
04. Makes Sense To Me >
05. Heroes
06. C. Brown >
07. Tie Your Shoes
08. Better Off
09. Mercy >
10. Proving Ground

11. Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys >
12. Knockin’ Around The Zoo >
13. Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys
14. Garrie’s Jibba-Jabba and drunks

* with Ren Elvis on vocals

[Only ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’]

Panic was not allowing taping during the majority of this winter tour due to the “potential release of a live recording.” Still waiting for that one I suppose. So…taper snuck in home analog deck through side door of venue. Supposedly duct-taped the single stereo mic to the side wall. Hid deck under jackets. Go figure. The entire show, with the exception of Tie Your Shoes in set 2, was taped. I am unsure why the tape cuts here. It is on the master analog as well. The cut occurs near the 39 minute mark so it is likely due to the impending tape flip. Still….you would think…..However, this is the only set I acquired in the fall of 1995. I transferred this tape primarily for the novelty and uniqueness of the set opener. Although the show was indeed a smoker, it is doubtful you will make it through a full listen.
Enjoy it for what it is.

Source: Unknown single stereo mic>home analog cassette deck