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Widespread Panic
Pterodactyl Club
Charlotte, NC.

Set 1:

01. Driving Song >
02. Disco >
03. Driving Song
04. A of D
05. Worry
06. Space Wrangler
07. Love Tractor
08. Holden Oversoul
09. Stop-Go
10. Proving Ground
11. Rock
12. Pigeons
13. Porch Song

Set 2:

01. Papa Legba
02. Travelin’ Light
03. Chilly Water >
04. Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory >
05. B of D
06. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
07. C. Brown
08. Coconut
09. Dear Mr. Fantasy


10. Mr. Soul


This is an updated version of the source that Joby Kelley seeded. He was kind enough to send me the CD masters to work from. I added fades where cuts occurred during the show due to tape flips, etc. Several areas of levels fluctuations were evened out as best possible. I also added a very slight amount of EQ. Enjoy! Medley.

Source: Nakamichi CM300-CP4
Taped by Unknown. Patched by Joby Kelley and the other Davidson boys.