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The Gothic Theatre
Englewood, CO
December 31st, 2007

Taped and Transfered by: Bennett Schwartz (coloartist)

Set 1: Disc One

01.Breaking The Chains
02.Game On>
06.Faded Memory
07.Blue Ridge
08.Traveler’s Rest
09.Time Stands Still (w/Clarke Keown)

Set 2: Disc Two

01.Midnight Countdown (Birddogg)
02.Valley Blue (vocal intro)
04.Into My Arms
06.War Pigs Jam>
08.Chicken Pickin’>
09.Long Lonely Road

Set 3: Disc Three

01.I’ve Been Working
02.I Can Get Off On You (w/Clarke Keown)
03.Stone In My Shoe (w/ Clarke)
04.Tulsa Time (w/ Clarke)
05.Burned Faceless.
06.Long Hard Ride


08.Junco Partner
09.Can’t Change
10.Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Sam Holt ————-Guitar/Vocals
Grady Upchurch—– Bass/Vocals
Lee Schwartz——–Drums/Vocals
CR Gruver ———- Keyboards/Vocals
Jeff ‘Birddog’ Lane- Percussion/Vocals

Special Guest:
Clarke Keown ——-Guitar/Vocals

10th Annual Hannahs Buddies Charity Classic
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

John Bell & Sam Holt

Set 1:

01 Intro
02 Genesis
03 When You Coming Home
04 Mercy
05 No Doubt
06 Sleepy Monkey
07 Can’t Change The Past*
08 Papa’s Home
09 Ordinary Life**
10 End of the Show*
11 Tickle the Truth

* JB on Mandolin
** Buck Williams on harp


set 2:

01 Intro
02 Eleventeen
03 90
04 Faded Memory
05 One More Time
06 Fastburn
07 ‘Bout My Money *
08 On The Beach**
09 Presence of the Lord** >
10 Rockin’ in the Free World**

* w/ Kevin, E.T. and Roger from Dirty Dozen
** w/ John Bell

source: Schoeps mk41v (A-B) > kc5 > m222 > nt222 + mk21 (nos) > kcy > vms5u > 744t (24/48)
location: fob/loc
recorded & seeded: Charles Fox

Widespread Panic
November 2, 2007
North Charleston Coliseum
Charleston, SC

Set 1
01 Intro/tuning
02 From the Cradle>
03 Pleas>
04 Can’t Get High
05 Airplane>
06 Party At Your Mama’s House
07 Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
08 Mercy>
09 B of D>
10 Worry

Set 2:
01 Intro/tuning
02 Pigeons
03 Flicker
04 Surprise Valley>
05 Tie Your Shoes*> Jam>
06 Ride Me High*>
07 Drums**>
08 Surprise Valley>
01 Protein Drink>
02 Sewing Machine
03 Heaven

04 Up All Night
05 Climb to Safety

*w/ Sam Holt on Guitar
**w/ Jeff “BirdDogg” Lane & Lee Schwartz on percussion

recorded & seeded: craig davis



Widespread Panic
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre,
Charlotte, NC

1: Happy > North, Big Wooly Mammoth > Who Do You Belong To?, Down**, Driving Song* > Guilded Splinters* > Driving Song*, Solid Rock*
2: Thought Sausage, Good People > Pigeons*, Holden Oversoul* > Ride Me High* > Drums*** > Riders on the Storm > Arlene > Fishwater
E: Ribs and Whiskey* > Makes Sense to Me*

* with John Keane on Guitar
** with John Keane on Pedal Steel
*** with Lee Schwartz (Outformation) on percussion

The Dynamites Opened; Last Happy 4/19/02

recorded & transferred by J.T. Lucchesi (Home Team)

Widespread Panic
Charlottesville Pavilion,
Charlottesville, VA

1: The Take Out* > Porch Song* > Space Wrangler**, Climb To Safety*, Papa Johnny Road*, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues*, I’m Not Alone**, Casa Del Grillo* > Tall Boy*
2: Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)*, Time Zones*, Old Joe**, Ain’t Life Grand** > Drums*** > You Should Be Glad*, End Of The Show*, Surprise Valley*, Red Hot Mama*
E: Gimme****, Postcard****

* with John Keane on guitar
** with John Keane on pedal steel
*** with Jeff Lane on percussion, Lee Schwartz on percussion
**** with Sam Holt on guitar

Widespread Panic
Charlottesville Pavilion,
Charlottesville, VA

1: Papa Legba, Heroes, From The Cradle* > Weight Of The World** > Fishwater**, Christmas Katie > Radio Child**, Give**
2: Better Off**, Pigeons**, None of Us Are Free** > Diner*, Heaven*, Stop-Go* > Jam*** > Drums*** > Hatfield, Walkin’ (For Your Love)** > Imitation Leather Shoes**
E: Blackout Blues**

* with John Keane on pedal steel
** with John Keane on guitar
*** with Jeff Lane on percussion, Lee Schwartz on percussion

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