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Widespread Panic
Feb. 9, 1996
Ogden Theater
Denver, CO

set I:
tuning… Little Kin >
Pleas >
Travelin’ Light
Smoke And Burn >
Happy >
Chunk Of Coal*
And It Stoned Me*
Blackout Blues*

set II:
A of D…Closer to Glory >
Diner >
Pilgrims >
Solace…Help Me Somebody >
Makes Sense To Me >
Airplane* >
Sleeping Man*
Driving Song* >
City of Dreams* >
Driving Song* >
Breathing Slow* >
Love Tractor*

Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys*

* with David Blackmon on fiddle

front row – balcony /center, 4-mic mix (live): sen. ME-80/KU-3’s x sen. 421’s ~> Boss BX-4 ~> Sony SBM-M1 ~> Denon DTR-80-P master > m-audio usb > wavelab 4.0 > cd wave/flac