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Widespread Panic
Nautica Stage
Cleveland, OH.

Set 1:
01. Travelin’ Light,
02. Little Kin,
03. Driving Song >
04. Little Lilly >
05. Driving Song,
06. Holden Oversoul >
07. Weak Brain, Narrow Mind,
08. One Arm Steve,
09. Makes Sense To Me

Set 2:
01. Tall Boy >
02. Papa Legba,
03. Hope In A Hopeless World *,
04. Christmas Katie * > Big Chief Jam * >
01. Drums >
02. Pleas >
03. Love Tractor

04. Coconut *

* with Dirty Dozen Brass Band

[First ‘Big Chief Jam’; ‘Big Chief Jam’ without Mike; ‘Christmas Katie’ through ‘Drums’ appears on ‘Another Joyous Occasion’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened]

Source: AKG 483 > Oade m248 > sbm-1 @ 48kHz
Taped by Deepesh Misra.
Transferred and Seeded by Martin Medley.
Thanks to Steve Bohannon for the DATs.


Widespread Panic
Nautica Stage,
Cleveland, OH

0: Airplane, Space Wrangler, Walkin’ (For Your Love), One Arm Steve, Galleon, Christmas Katie > Radio Child, Driving Song > Drums* > Greta > Driving Song > Walk On, Conrad

E1: Chunk Of Coal**, Pickin’ Up The Pieces***

E2: And It Stoned Me

* with Jeff Sipe on kit/percussion, Mike Wooten on drums, Paul Buchignani on kit
** with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Todd Snider on guitar
*** with Drew Emmitt on mandolin

[Travelin’ Light Tour; ‘And It Stoned Me’ JB and Mike; Todd Snider & The Nervous Wrecks and Leftover Salmon opened]

Widespread Panic
Nautica Stage,
Cleveland, OH

1: Weight Of The World, Chilly Water, Aunt Avis, Just Kissed My Baby, The Waker, Dyin’ Man, Who Do You Belong To?, This Part Of Town, Henry Parsons Died
2: Give, Arleen, Rebirtha, Wish You Were Here, Big Wooly Mammoth > Fishwater > Drums > Low Rider, Blue Indian, One Arm Steve
E: City of Dreams, Ain’t Life Grand

[‘Night People’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’]