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Widespread Panic
Field of Dreams
Larkspur, CO.


T01: Party At Your Mama’s House >
T02: Stop Breakin’ Down Blues >
T03: Tall Boy >
T04: Little Lilly >
T05: Jam
T06: Give
T07: Crowd noise
T08: Don’t Tell The Band
T09: B of D
T10: Lil’ Kin
T11: Fishwater >
T12: Papa Legba >
T13: Fishwater


T01: Chilly Water >
T02: Imitation Leather Shoes >
T03: Chilly Water
T04: Goin’ Out West >
T05: Greta >
T06: Stop-Go >
T07: Drums* (fade out)
T01: (fade in)Bass & Drums Jam >
T02: Sometimes >
T03: Big Wolly Mammoth >
T04: Love Tractor
T05: E: Use Me
T06: Cream Puff War

* with Juan de la Selva on percussion, Manuel Rabinizmo on percussion

[‘Give Me Back My Wig’ rap by JB during ‘Stop Breakin’ Down Blues’; Cabaret Diosa and David Lindley & Wally Ingram opened]

Source: Schoeps MK21 by Eric Scott
Transfer by Kevin Rock