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Widespread Panic
The Palace Theatre,
Louisville, KY

Set 1:
T01: Holden Oversoul >
T02: Give >
t03: Wondering >
T04: Rebirtha >
T05: Blight
T06: Action Man
T07: Trouble
T08: Send Your Mind
T09: One Arm Steve

Set 2
T01: Thought Sausage >
T02: Red Beans
T03: Hatfield >
T04: Greta >
T05: Christmas Katie >
T06: Drums* >
T01: Drums
T02: This Part Of Town*,
T03: Low Rider >
T04: Coconut

T05: E: Last Dance

* with Carlton Smith on drums/percussion

FOB 10th row center, B&K 4011 –> Lunated V2 –> Sonic AD2K –> Sony M1 at 48K
Recorded by Tom Kingston
DAT –> CDR –> SHN by Bill Gardner


This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
The Palace Theater
Louisville, KY.

01. Galleon
02. Fishwater
03. Wondering
04. Barstools
05. Thank You
06. Barstools
07. B Of D
08. Blackout Blues
09. Hatfield
10. Let’s Get The Show On The Road
11. Radio Child

01. Bowlegged Woman
02. Ain’t Life Grand
03. Walk On
04. Can’t Get High
05. Airplane
06. Take Off Jam
07. Party At Your Mama’s House*
08. I Walk On Guilded Splinters
09. Drums
01. Jam
02. Papa’s Home
03. Love Tractor

04. Help Me Somebody
05. Makes Sense To Me

*first PAYMH-formally known as ‘That Thing”

-‘Highway To Heaven’ rap during ‘Bowlegged Woman
-‘Thank You’ rap during ‘Barstools’

*****SBD REMASTER*****
Source: SBD/DAT 48khz
Remastered By: Michael Wilker
Remastered @ The Renaissance Center Dickson, TN.