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Widespread Panic
Little Five Points Pub
Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Space Wrangler, Boys In The Barroom > Stop-Go > Cream Puff War, Conrad, Jack, Holden Oversoul, Wishbone > L.a., Travelin’ Light, Pigeons > Mr. Soul

Set 2: Jam > Cleburne Terrace, Ophelia, C. Brown, Porch Song, Coconut, Impossible > Machine, Werewolves of London > Chilly Water > Jam > Contentment Blues > Chilly Water

Encore: Gimme, Let It Rock, Long May You Live > Heaven, The Last Straw

Source #1: Unknown Soundboard > DAT > Analog (From Space Wrangler through Chilly Water and Last Straw)
Source #2: Unknown Soundboard > Unknown generations of Analog > DAT > Analog (Gimme, Let It Rock, Long May You Live > Heaven)

Transfered by Ted Rockwell

Notes: after hearing the source that has been circulating on CD this year I decided to transfer my analog – I know that a DAT of this exists out there and hope that this seed will prompt whoever has it to get it out there…

This show is noteworthy for several reasons – Cleburne Terrace is played at the beginning of the second set (you can hear the studio verison of this on Mike Houser’s solo album ‘Door Harp’), the band wishes Todd a happy birthday before Long May You Live, and this is one of the first Chilly Water sandwichs ever. Also, listen for stage banter between songs.