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Widespread Panic
The Exit/In
Nashville, Tn

SET TWO/Disc One:
01. Impossible*
02. Barstools
03. I’m Not Alone
04. Worry

Disc Two:
01. Driving Song>
02. Disco(stormwatch)>
03. Alphonso’s Boogie>
04. Shadows Casting>
05. Driving Song>
06. B Of D(giving)
07. Machine
08. C. Brown
09. Porch Song
10. Chilly Water

11. Heaven
12. Mr. Soul/

*missing on most sources listed-not here. Mr. Soul cuts at end-fades. -not sure how, but had this tape before the sun came up. Band and everyone went back to a friends house and partied till morning. Setlist looks like Michael Houser’s writing.

Tracked, Transfered, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker
Source: SBD analogue cassette(metal100)

Widespread Panic
Nashville, TN

set 1 first two songs missing….
holden, c brown, pigeons, travelin’ light, postcard, worryin’, conrad i’m not alone, porch

set 2
jam (fades in) > machine funk > chilly water, zoo song, impossible, coconut, proving ground, stop / go (tape flip), driving > disco > jam > driving, love tractor

no encore due to time…

source: SBD

notes: this was my first panic show and my first show to tape. the first two songs are missing because gomer and I could not get the sbd patch to work for some reason… i was the only person to tape the first set, then two brothers, tucker and lange, showed up and patched out for the second set. i hooked up with them the next day and traded tapes, but i never saw them again… this show has also circulated widely, but the master cassette source has not been posted. i apologize for not being able to post a no dae source at this time… DAT transfers of the master cassette have been made, but only a couple of folks have them, including JK, Henry, and Archer. next night was new grass revival’s 2nd to last show! that was equally fun. thanks to all the old school friends – JK, chad, archer, and henry. good times!