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Widespread Panic
The Tabernacle
Atlanta GA

Set 1
01. Crowd/tuning
02. Papa’s Home
03. Wonderin’
04. Hope in a Hopeless World
05. Counting Train Cars
06. Help Me Somebody
07. Trouble*
08. Hatfield
09. The Ballad of John & Yoko
10. Climb to Safety

Set 2
11. Crowd
12. Pleas
13. Can’t Get High
14. Ain’t No Use
15. Blue Indian^
16. Carmelita^ (Warren Zevon)
17. Degenerate^ (Vic Chestnut)
18. Fishing^
19. This Cruel Thing^
20. Jack
21. Chilly Water
22. Going Out West
23. Encore break
24. C. Brown%
25. Blight%
26. End of the Show%

* w/ Colin Vereen
^ w/ John Keane
% Todd on 5 gallon bucket, JoJo on tiny keys, Sunny on small bongos
Except Blight & End of the Show JoJo on upright piano

Source: schoeps mk41 (dina)> kc5> CMD-2Uxt + schoeps mk22 (stg 22g)> kc5> CMD-2Uxt> sd 788t (24/96)
Location: fob/balcony rail
Taped, tracked, seeded by Adam Downs

“I had an interesting time growing up; My father, Garrie Vereen, worked for the band Widespread Panic for pretty much my entire life. I started going to shows with my friends on my own in 2001 and that’s when this song started to become very special to me… When the band would bust it out I would stop whatever I was doing and go backstage to sit with my father just to let him know I wasn’t getting into too much trouble.  

Garrie tragically left us earlier this year and it inspired me to learn to play and sing this song in his honor.  

So here it is, me pouring out my heart for my pops! RIP Garo…”

Photos by Andy Tennille