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Widespread Panic
Chevrolet Theater
Wallingford, Ct
July 24, 2007

Set 1:

01. Papa Legba,
02. Hope In A Hopeless World,
03. Heroes,
04. Smoking Factory,
05. Better Off,
06. Gimme >
07. Casa Del Grillo >
08. Rebirtha >
09. She Caught The Katy

Set 2:

01. From The Cradle >
02. Makes Sense To Me,
03. Aunt Avis >
04. You Should Be Glad,
05. Papa’s Home >
06. Surprise Valley >
07. Drums >
08. Surprise Valley,
01. Mercy >
02. Henry Parsons Died


03. Slippin’ Into Darkness >
04. Travelin’ Light

AKG C34 (cards 110deg) > Sound Devices Mix Pre> Korg MR1000
FOB/DFC Row M (DSD @ 5.6Mhz)
Recorded by Carl Beck


Widespread Panic
Chevrolet Theater
Wallingford, CT

1st Set:

One Arm Steve
Little Lilly
Papa’s Home
Dyin Man
Vampire Blues
Thought Sausage
Ribs And Whiskey

2nd Set:

Action Man
Second Skin
All Time Low
Driving Song>
Breathing Slow>
Driving Song>
Slipping Into Darkness>
Proving Ground>


And It Stoned Me
Can’t Get High


1) I Remember Distinctly That Security Came Around Before The Show Started And Told Me To Lower My Mic Stand. It Was At About 5 To 6 Feet High During The Entire Show Yet The Show Is Excellent Sound IMHO.

Source: Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP4 Shotguns>Sony SBM-1>Sony D8 Dat Master>Maxell HS-4 90 Meter Dat Tape>Sony PCM R-300

Taped By Dave Boedicker