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Widespread Panic
Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois,
Champaign, IL

1: Glory, Pigeons, Better Off, Holden Oversoul, You Got Yours, Weight Of The World, Ride Me High, The Waker, Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Sandbox, Driving Song > Breathing Slow > B of D, Christmas Katie > Radio Child > Drums > Hatfield > Bowlegged Woman > Conrad

E: Sometimes

[‘I Know You Rider’ jam after ‘The Waker’]

Widespread Panic
Virginia Theater
Champaign, IL

d1t01 – Take Out>
d1t02 – Greta>
d1t03 – Travelin Light
d1t04 – L.A.
d1t05 – Jack>
d1t06 – Weight of the World
d1t07 – Ain’t No Use>
d1t08 – Rock
d1t09 – Porch Song

d2t01 – Contentment Blues>
d2t02 – Makes Sense To Me
d2t03 – It Was You
d2t04 – Happy>
d2t05 – Space Wrangler>
d2t06 – Dying Man
d2t07 – I’m Not Alone
d3t01 – Can’t Get High>
d3t02 – Jam>
d3t03 – Drums>
d3t04 – Pigeons>
d3t05 – Help Me Somebody

d3t06 – encore: Love Tractor

Source: AKG483s>EAA PSP-2>SBM-1
Transfer: Sony DTC-700>Nero Wav Edit 16/48
Transfer By Mike White