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Widespread Panic
The Brass Register,
Chattanooga, TN

Set 1
1) And it Stoned Me
2) Bird Song
3) C. Brown >
4) Space Wrangler
5) Wish You Were Here
6) Feelin’ Alright
7) Stop-Go,
8) She Caught the Katy

Set 2
1) Me and My Uncle >
2) Travelin’ Light
3) No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
4) Pigeons
5) Ophelia
6) Conrad
7) Walk On
8) Holden Oversoul


After ‘And it Stoned Me’ JB says
“We hear it’s loud. We can’t tell because we’re deaf because we play loud every night.”

David then says,
“Yeah, we’re a rock and roll band.”

Before Me and My Uncle David says,
“Here’s a little country and western medley.”

Before Pigeons, David says,
“This is an original tune called Pigeons. Watch carefully at the end.”

After Pigeons, David says,
“Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

David teases the intro to Truckin’ before Conrad

Before Conrad JB says,
“This is a wormy little tune. It’s kinda like another tune. It’s a wormy little tune.”

Source: Soundboard > Analog Cassette (Master?)

Tape supplied by: Sam Holt
Transferred by: Ted Rockwell