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Widespread Panic
Independence Arena,
Charlotte, NC

1: Travelin’ Light, The Waker > Red Hot Mama, Machine, Thought Sausage > Barstools and Dreamers, Blackout Blues, Christmas Katie > Radio Child

2: Casa Del Grillo, Holden Oversoul > Cream Puff War, Airplane > Ride Me High > Drums* > Jam** > Pickin’ Up The Pieces**, Dyin’ Man

E: Ain’t Life Grand

* with Bill Ware on marimba, Christopher Theberge on percussion, Genji Siraisi on drums
** with Jay Rodriguez on saxophone, Uli Geissendoerfer on keyboards

[‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; Groove Collective opened]