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Widespread Panic
February 18th, 1993
Blind Pig,
Ann Arbor, MI

Disc 1 [72:51.27]
01. //Walkin’ (For Your Love) [02:31.00]
02. Mercy [12:11.29]
03. Diner [07:43.01]
04. Pigeons [08:46.29]
05. C. Brown [06:44.05]
06. Pleas [05:29.10]
07. Knocking ‘Round The Zoo/ [06:13.14]
08. Me And The Devil Blues [08:11.72]
09. Henry Parsons Died [06:38.03]
10. Hatfield [08:23.14]

Disc 2 [63:47.12]
01. Send Your Mind [03:00.70]
02. Fishwater [07:57.69]
03. I’m Not Alone [07:24.15]
04. Walk On/ [05:43.36]
05. Get Up Early In The Morning [07:36.29]
06. The Take Out> [02:27.33]
07. Porch Song [04:27.22]
08. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys [12:34.18]
09. Love Tractor [07:13.16]

10. E: Postcard [05:22.04]

First song in the setlist archive is listed as Space Wrangler; Alan says: “My Blind Pig cassette masters are missing the first song or so. I forgot what happened, a battery problem or tape problem or something,I remember running home — literally, lived a few blocks away — and getting what I needed to tape and missing the beginning of the show. For what it’s worth it was a “sit down” show, due to the size of the stage. It was the one and only time they played there! I know I was the sole taper and there was NOT a board tape made either. Wes, for what ever reason wasn’t running tape.”

Slashes denote tape flips; no music is missing other than noted above.

Nak CM-100 Cards>Sony TCD-D5M>Cass(m) mics @ 110^ on a stand, DFC, 15′ back from the stage by Alan Schmit

Conversion by Dave Mallick