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Widespread Panic
Seattle, WA

1st Set

01. Space Wrangler
02. Pigeons, Diner
03. I’m Not Alone
04. Weight Of The World
05. Walkin’ (For Your Love)

2nd Set

06. B of D
07. Mercy >
08. Entering A Black Hole Backwards > Jam >
09. Chilly Water
10. Makes Sense To Me
11. Chainsaw City*
12. Flat Foot Flewzy
13. Travelin’ Light


14. The Take Out >
15. Porch Song >
16. Proving Ground

* with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

[The Kegels (Jerry Joseph and Steve Jaymes acoustic) opened]

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Widespread Panic
Backstage Nightclub,
Seattle, WA

1: Heroes > Pleas, Pigeons, Hatfield, Weight Of The World, Diner > Space Wrangler > Walkin’ (For Your Love), Pilgrims > Love Tractor

2: Fishwater > Wondering, Little Kin, Rock, Who Do You Belong To?, Makes Sense To Me, Mercy > Jam > Chilly Water, Papa’s Home, C. Brown, Ain’t Life Grand, Porch Song

E: Sweet Leaf, Pickin’ Up The Pieces