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Widespread Panic
Kiefer Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA

1: Disco > Pleas > Blackout Blues, Junco Partner > Mardi Gras In New Orleans, Surprise Valley > Hatfield > Henry Parsons Died, Lawyers, Guns, And Money

2: Red Hot Mama* > Sharon*, Big Wooly Mammoth > Give > Pilgrims > Drums** > Ride Me High > Conrad, Travelin’ Light

E: Trouble, Soul Kitchen

* with Andy Cleaves on trumpet, Karl Denson on saxophone
** with Charlie Pruet on percussion

[Only ‘Mardi Gras In New Orleans’, Only ‘Soul Kitchen’; Dave on stand-up for ‘Trouble’; ‘Turn On Your Love Light’ tease before ‘Give’; ‘A Love Supreme’, ‘Third Stone From The Sun’, and ‘5:15’ teases by Dave before ‘Ride Me High’; Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe opened; Last ‘Lawyers, Guns, And Money’ – 10/31/93, 798 shows; Last ‘Trouble’ – 03/11/89, 1518 shows]


Widespread Panic
River Run
Keystone, CO

Set I
01. Let’s Get Down To Business >
02. Imitation Leather Shoes >
03. The Waker
04. Rock >
05. Pigeons
06. Casa Del Grillo
07. Bear’s Gone Fishin’
08. Blue Indian >
09. Tall Boy

Set II
01. Thought Sausage
02. Ain’t Life Grand >
03. Henry Parsons Died
04. West Virginia
05. Sheik*
06. Christmas Katie* >
07. Arleen* >
08. Drums**
01. Low Rider >
02. Climb To Safety
03. Space Wrangler

Encore 1:
04. Pickin’ Up The Pieces***

Encore 2:
05. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys**** >
06. All Time Low

* with Dirty Dozen Brass Band
** with Eric Bolivar on percussion, Eric Draper on percussion, Stanley Jordan on guitar, Terrence Higgins on drums/percussion
*** with Karl Denson on flute, Stanley Jordan on guitar
**** with Andy Cleaves on trumpet, Eric Draper on percussion, Karl Denson on saxophone

[‘Jam’ after ‘Arleen’ was Dave, Stanley Jordan, and the drummers; Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened; Last ‘Shiek’ – 10/31/96, 421 shows]

Source: (FOB)Schoeps CMC6+Mk4 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Panasonic SV-250
Taped by Don Hess & Nate Fisher
Transferred & Remastered by Jamie Syrek